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Yes, water can be sexy…. if you dress it up.
I know this isn’t a news flash but since I know this can be challenging to many, myself includes, I wanted to share my system for ensuring that I get enough water in body on the daily. 

First off, how much do you need?  There are lots of opinions out there but the guideline that makes the most sense to me and feels that best to my body is that of the rule of 1/2 -1 ounce of water per lb in body weight. Of course everyone is different so listen to your body on this one.  This give you a goal. 

Next thing is you need a water bottle that you like, that you will drink out of.  Does it need a straw, does it need to be metal or glass?  Pick a container that you know will have the attributes that will make you want to drink more water. That you will want to be with you where ever you go. In my case, it has to be pretty.  Like its an accessory and an extension of me.

My go to strategy is to carry my water bottle around me with me everywhere. Its like the blanket we could not live without when we were a kid.  In fact I call my water bottle my “wubbie” the affectionate name I gave my childhood blanket.  You think I am joking but I am not. Moral of the story is that you need to find a habit that you will repeat daily to hydrate yourself effectively.

Lastly, when you are behind in getting your quota of water for the day. I make a game with myself. Usually this game goes something like, I have to run errands and will make it a goal to drink a liter of water while I am out doing those errands.  This way I am 1/3 of the way done with my water needs. Also, I am religious about drinking a liter of water first thing when I get up. This starts my day of right and is very cleansing for the body. Also, it doesn’t hurt to add a little essential oil like lemon, lime or orange to give your water a little flavor.