Soul Candy

Supporting women who are ready to transform their lives through aligning with high vibe tools and healing and transforming their energy.


Plant Based Medicine

Rediscover the beautiful and powerful of natures medicine cabinet. Essential oils are some the quietest and powerful tools and all it takes is a little bit of information and your trans-formative intentions to allow them to support your life and health.



Love - specifically self love is one of the most powerful tools we can use to transform our mindsets, how we feel as we live life and truly change what is possible in our lives. We would love it if you would join our community of self love minded women.



Adopting a high vibe mindset when it come to living life is essential to staying at center

Soul Candy

Soul Candy was created with the intention of supporting and inspiring women who are ready to transform their lives. We strive to support women in healing and transforming their past pain and trauma through energy healing and mindset work that allows women to see their past trauma as their power.

Soul Candy also strives to provide high vibe inspiration and tips through creating a healthy lifestyle, beautiful space and wielding all of the high vibe tools that life and nature have to offer.



Hannah WrightChloe made me an essential oils roller to promote rest and relaxation (I work night shift and often struggle to get enough sleep during the day). The EO roller she made is amazing! It’s a very delicate blend which exactly what I needed. I use it on my chest daily before going to sleep, and as an added bonus I’ve noticed my skin is much softer where I apply it as well. I’m looking forward to making some other roller varieties soon!

Brooke E SchaferMy daughter is 9 months and she has been constipated for a few weeks now. I went to Chloe for help and she came up with this amazing oil blend. Today I noticed my daughter was hurting while she was trying to go. I rubbed the oil blend on her feet, belly and back. Within 3 minuets she wasn’t crying in pain anymore. Amazing!!

Change Your Life in Under 30-minutes a Day

Because Self-Love Is Your Superpower.