Hello lovelies,

I want to change up what I’ve talk to you about in the space. I love all things health and wellness. I love yummy food I love good workouts I love all the holistic things we find to elevate our health. As I have been meditating and marinating on what I want to share in this year it has become very clear to me what I am meant to share is about energy healing and transformation. I feel that all the things around health and wellness feed into energy healing and transformation but I want to speak more directly to the energy itself and how to transmute and alchemize the energy into something that will serve you in a much higher and greater way. I want to use my own journey of transformation to support and power your journey.


– specifically healing and transforming energy. Through my own journey I have learned this is some thing I am definitely meant to share with others I’ve had a powerful experience over my over the years but also over the last few months even more so. I know that we’ve been taught the change, growth, transformation and healing might take years decades or a lifetime but I believe what is more accurate is it can be done in a moment and that is what I have been experiencing for myself and that is what I want to share with you.

High vibe

-This is really related to the transformation and healing of energy. As we move through the process of healing and transforming and integrating life comes in and so it’s necessary that we have a tools to raise our vibration and to bring us back into our power as we process and transmute trauma and pain from our past. These are fun and beautiful tools. They are things like exercise and the food you put in our body but also our spaces, the things that we bring into our space our rituals and the people we surround ourselves with – our moment to moment choices that impact our vibe.

Beauty is also part of the high vibe it’s also about healing and transformation all of these things are beautiful even the things that look ugly even the things that we’ve been taught are shameful and that we should not share. There is great beauty in sharing the entire process and sharing the light and the dark. There’s also great healing and freedom in sharing the light and the dark which are all indeed beautiful. So I want use the space to re-define what beauty is.

So today marks the beginning of a new era, a new chapter and a new approach. Stay tuned because this party and journey is just getting started and it’s just getting good.

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