Chloe Secor

“The greatest wealth is health.”

Hi, my name is Chloe Secor and became a health coach out of my own personal journey. I have been working in and around health care for over twenty years and this point of view has showed me that our western medical model is good at helping people  that have become sick but I wanted to know how to avoid  becoming ill. This curiosity  is what began my personal journey.

I have been on this journey to find the habits, foods and behaviors that made me feel the best and help me to live my best life. Along the way I have found this process to be empowering and fun.  This journey has made me passionate about continually learning all I can about living a healthy lifestyle. I have studied massage therapy, reiki, medicinal aromatherapy, health psychology, alternative medicine and am a certified as a health coach. I love mixing these tools together to find the right approach for my clients. I truly want to share this passion with my clients as well as to help support them in their journey to feel their best. I truly believe that this process can be fun and enjoyable.

I want help my clients to design a lifestyle they love and enjoy the process along the way.

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More than 20 years in Health Care Services