I know it might be a news flash but we are the habits that we keep on the every day.  Those tiny decisions that don’t seem like much are ultimately the small building blocks that make us and our life. The secret is that discipline is actually freeing.  We have been taught that having things easy and putting things off may be the path to having it easy or to a less stressful life but ultimately that way of living doesn’t really make us happy if we get real with ourselves.

We want you to have the life of your dreams, minimize or eliminate overwhelm and have a crazy awesome life. Here are some tips:

Create a vision statement – get visionary, put down on paper as though it has already happened your dream life in 5 years.

Create annual SMART goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound. These goals essential reverse engineer yourself to your 5 year plan.

Create a 90 day plan that breaks those annual goals up into smaller goals.

Create a 30 day plan incorporating those goals.

Create a weekly/daily plan to achieve those goals.

Use the wellness model to ensure that your goals honor all aspects of yourself.

When creating your daily plan choose 3-5 goals to focus on.  This makes sure that overwhelm doesn’t take over and cause you to be paralyzed in your goal achievement.

Create a vision board this visual represents your annual goals.  This creates a focal point that you can literally visualize as already being front of you.

I hope these tips inspire and support you creating the life you dream of! C