Change Your Life in Under 30-minutes a Day.

Because Self-Love Is Your Superpower

What is Soul Candy’s Self-Love Course?

Our self-love course is a 5-week program that will guide you through a proven model and give you the tools you need to establish new habits to be your best self.

Whether you’re looking to develop new habits or set boundaries we will give you the tools to create more joy, freedom and fulfillment in your life.

Start Your Journey

This course will give you the tools to:

Make more time and space for yourself.

Form habits and routines that will support your self-care.

Find more joy in your life.

Create a mindset that will empower you to create the life you desire.

Who Should Take This Course

Are You Feeling Stuck in Life

You have an idea of what you’d like to do in life, but your goals never seem to be realized.

No Time For Self-Care

You do things for everyone else, but when it comes time to taking care of yourself, something is missing.

Not Living a Life You Love

Are you not showing up in your life the way you know that you want and feel a little lost.

What You’ll Learn


  • To establish habits that support your self-care and self-love.
  • How to empower yourself to be your best self so you can show up in life.
  • To create healthy patterns and boundaries that support your relationship with yourself and others.
  • How to feel more joy, freedom, and fulfillment in your life.

What to Expect

Our self-love course is a 5-week program that provides you with a new easy-to-follow module every week. You will receive a video that guides you through the module worksheets and subjects. Using my lather, rinse, and repeat method of self-care, you will learn to create the life you deserve.

  • 5-videos that dive deep into the content and answer the questions about life design and your self-love journey.
  • A workbook to support your journey and encourages clarity, focus, and clear goals to creating the life you desire.


Weekly Modules

Module 1 – Decide how you want to feel

 You will get clear and intentional about creating the life you desire. You’ll identify what feelings you want to foster, and what circumstances you will be taking charge of in your life.


Module 2 – Letting go and accepting

In this module we will complete exercises meant to clean house emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Let go of what is no longer serving us to let in what we desire and need in our life today!


Module 3 – Creating a plan

You will create an actionable plan for the vision you developed in module 1. We will show you how to break down your larger goals into bite-size goals to add clarity and allow you to make your vision something you can manifest in your life.


Module 4 – Create time and space

This module is dedicated to giving you some time and space to implement the plan you have developed and implement some of the intentions and goals into your life.


Module 5 – Raise your vibe

In this module, you will dig into what happens when you embark on making changes in your life. We will give you resources to navigate the challenges that frequently come up, and show you how to raise your vibe and refocus your energy when things get challenging. Get the tools you need to get through the muck when the going gets tough.


We just love free stuff and we’ve included a few must-haves just for you.

Self-Love guided meditations

21-day self-love challenge and private Facebook group

Lifelong access to the course (with updates) as long as it is going

Inspiration and ideas for self-love rituals

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AngelaI was drawn to this course because I know I can always use tools for my Emotional Intelligence toolbox. Personally, I know I am lacking in the time and effort that I put into taking care of my self. This course title and description summed up exactly the kind of thing that spoke to me about spending the time to care for myself. Boy, did it deliver! My favorite part of the challenge was taking myself on a date. The beach is only a 3 minute drive from my work, so I grabbed some lunch and enjoyed listening to the waves while I ate. I love how this challenge helped me form a habit to fill my own cup, in my own way. I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone searching for a guide to help you with specific ways you can incorporate relatable, tangible and repeatable acts of holistic self wellness. .

LauraI was drawn to this course because I felt like I wasn’t prioritizing myself and I thought the course would prompt me to explore the detail behind these feelings. I felt ‘off’ but couldn’t place it and I couldn’t figure out where to start. The daily prompts were not complicated nor time consuming, but helped me think about what I wanted through a different perspective. During this course I made some important life changes and I feel optimistic, energized and grounded. I will carry these teachings with me for years. My favorite part of the course was the one I least wanted to do – a vision board. I’ve been challenged to do this before and I’ve always declined. (I pictured an ugly collage of magazine clippings gathering dust.). Not this time. I used Pinterest then saved it as the screen saver on my phone. I look at it so many times a day and I continue to draw inspiration from it. When I see it, I ask if my current actions are aligned with what I say I want. It was a powerful activity and pays dividends daily. I would recommend this class to a friend and tell her to get active with the materials; journal, participate online, ask questions and look deep. It will be worth the time and introspection.

Are you ready to love yourself like the amazing, beautiful goddess that you are?