Plant Based Lifestyle with Essential Oils

You’re Not 100% Plant-Based if Essential Oils Aren’t Part of Your Routine

if you’re looking to spice up your self care routine,
or looking to reduce the toxins and chemicals in your home and support your health in a more natural way
or just want to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle,
consider adding some essential oils to your home and life. There’s tons of ways to do so and the benefits are amazing.

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We want you to create the life you dream of and believe that creating a lifestyle that supports this is one of the best ways to get there. We would love to support your journey.

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Plant Based Lifestyle with Essential Oils

Section 1:

This course is for you if you desire to:

  • Use more natural products and reduce toxins in your home
  • Create an Apothecary that can be used in many ways
  • Up-level your life mind, body and spirit
  • Re-imagine your home, lifestyle and health
Section 2:

Do you feel?

  • Overwhelmed with the options  and information about how to live more naturally?
  • Frustrated with your overall health and wellness
  • Not sure where to start?



Section 3:

What the course gives you…

  • Strategies to integrate plant based solutions into every area of your life
  • Learn how to use habit stacking to integrate  new up leveled habits
  • Inspirations, tips, tricks and inspiration to support, heal and elevate your health

Join thousands of others just like you who have made the CHOICE to

Start your journey by living the healthy way


What’s included – all the details:


A lifestyle ebook that is meant to inspire developing your own plant based strategies

A holistic approach to integrating  essential oils into your life book with recipes

4 weeks of lessons including a recorded lesson and workbook




Module 1

Based line education regarding how essential oils can be used and the science behind them and an introduction to strategies that you will use to integrate essential oils to your daily life


Module 2 – Personal Care

this is whole person care. We often talk about our physical health and forget to bring habits that support us not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. 

Module 3 – Home Care – a huge facet of wellness is linked to our homes. We spend the majority of our lives in these spaces and don’t often create spaces that are supportive and beyond shelter. Learn how to up-level every room of your home so you are inspired and supported at every level


Module 4 – Cooking with Oils

Learn how to use oils in your cooking to support and heal your physiology in the symbolic way that plants were meant to support humans


Module 5 – Skin Care

Module 6 – Habit stacking and essential oil organization – These strategies are some of the cornerstones to creating the lifestyle that you dream of having. You know the one were you feel  amazing in every way, have fun, experience inspiration and creativity

Section 4: Bonuses:

Plant based strategies in addition to essential oils

Shopping lists

Sources for essential oil storage and organization

Design inspiration from one of my favorite designers

Section 5: Why me?

I have a passionate love of all things plant based, especially essential oils. I have used them in massage practice, in my home and in my family. The greatest challenge I have had integrating them is simply that it’s so easy to forget to use oils.They are so powerful yet because of their quiet beauty it’s easy to forget to bring them into our lives.

So the question is, how do we make them part of our lives on a daily basis?



I have developed a system and approach that is key to ensuring that I am supporting the healthiest version of myself and creating a home that is functioning at a whole other level.