Do you want to make lasting change in your health and wellness?

Do you want to make this change from a sense of peace and contentment?

Do you want to make change in a way that fun?

At Soul Candy we believe that making change from a place of self love is the best way to create the life you desire.  Research shows that making change through self acceptance and celebrating ones strengths is the most sustainable approach to creating the life you want.

At Soul Candy we can support your Self Love journey through individual one one on coaching.  If you are interested in one on one coaching, reach out via the contact page.

We also offer a self paced workbook that helps guide your Self Love journey through inspiration and exercises. Go to the shop tab to pick up this workbook.

Check out our blog posts below for empowering and inspiring posts to support your journey to be fun filled and joyful.



If you feel stuck in a life, tired, depleted and  burnt out, we want you to show yourself more live…….

Specifically self love is the air that your heart and mind needs to create the life you dream of.  Self love includes self care, knowing ones desires, learning to discern what is right for you among others. It is the art of tuning into yourself.

Take time to understand your needs, desires and the life you want to create.

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Self Love

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July 14, 2020