Tips to accept and love the body you have in five minutes.

I have struggled with body dysmorphia for most of my life and recently was listening to a pod cast that helped me make exponential strides in self acceptance and stop the body shamming I had been perpetrating on myself for many years. In short the information that was shared was that there are three major body types:

Ectomorph: Lean and long, this build has challenges with building muscle.

Endomorph: Bigger frame, high body fat, this type has a tendency to want to hold onto body fat.

Mesoporph: muscular and well built, high metabolism and muscle cells that respond well.

In short, this is biology and has nothing to do with our worth. Be nice to yourself and treat yourself with as much care as you would someone else – if not more for goodness sake.

I realize it is intellectually much easier to grasp this concepts then it is to mentally and emotionally put them into place in ones life.  For this work of integration of the facts of biology and what are media and many others sources might have been telling us for a life time, I offer some supportive solutions.  These solutions are about affirming your beauty and using some of natures secret weapons to assist us in this shift of thinking:

Look in the mirror, look at and admire yourself.  We want others to admire us but how often do we really admire ourselves? I know this may sound silly but try it  for a while (say, twice a week for  a month) and see what happens.  You may want to change something you see and thats ok too but do it with love and respect to you. Self improvement is amazing but to truly make lasting improvements you first need to accept and love what is already there.  I know this for sure.

There are several plant based medicine solutions that can help support your journey of self acceptance and love that come in the form of essential oils.

Grapefruit essential oil – this is the oil to promote honoring of your body.  This oil assists in healing the relationship that we have with our bodies, assists with releasing anxiety we might hold onto regarding our bodies and assist us with a healthy relationship to food.

Cinnamon – promotes a sense of safety making it easier for us to accept ourself and feel more at home in our bodies. This oil assists in helping us be more self accepting and receptive to these new affirming thoughts.

Bergamot – promotes a balancing of hormones and is known to assist in releasing a low self esteem and judgement toward ourselves.

Try one or all three of these oils in combination.  The way to introduce a new  oil to your body is try a bit on your sensitive area (inner wrist) to make sure you don’t have any sensitivity to the oil.  Once you have made sure you don’t have a sensitivity to the oil, you can try an oil directly on your skin.  For self worth and self esteem, we recommend applying the oil to your heart or abdomen/stomach area.  These are the energy centers most commonly associated with self love and self esteem.