Create your own personal drive through in your home.

No, we don’t mean McDonald’s or Taco Bell, the kind we are talking about tastes good, makes you feel good and is actually real food. Fast food is a state of mind where you are prepared with food choices that are tasty, quick and as portable as possible.  These are choices that make eating clean or very close to clean easy, fun and realistic.

The reality is that we all have good intentions and probably understand that whole foods are best for us but the reality is we need an environment and plan that supports our goals. Meal prep is a great way to create a plan that will support you but to begin with we need to add more options to our fridge and pantry that support our goals.

Set your fridge and pantry up like they your new drive through. The kind of environments that you feel like everything on the menu at your eye and hand level will want to go to. 

Some inspiration and ideas:


Almonds, pistachio nuts, peanuts

Popped pop corn

Cutie Oranges

GG Crackers (for mini pizzas) or substitute for bread

Mary’s Gone Crackers (we love jalapeño)\

Pellegrino Waters (add essential oils for flavor and a little extra health support)

Rx Bars


Seasonal Fresh Fruit

String Cheese

Sliced Turkey


Sliced Veggies

Greek Yogurt

Eggs/Egg Whites

Pre cooked turkey/lean ground beef

Hard boiled eggs

Nitrate Free Bacon

Whole Grain Bread (we love Ezequiel Bread)


Cherry Tomatos

Nitrate free turkey pepperoni or chicken sausage

Pizza Sauce (no added sugar or oil)

Prepped freezer meals:

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Spiralized pasta with Meat Sauce

I could go on and on but you get the drift right?  Make it to your taste, what is real and as close to whole food as you can get to.  You can always revisit your menu later and revamp.  The point is make it as tasty, pretty and accessible as possible. You know your favorite place to eat out.